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Photos around campus

Today the weather has – for once – been very nice. Sunny, warm, and with a very slight refreshing breeze. Although I’ve had coursework to do and have therefore been glued to the computer almost all day, I did get out around lunchtime to take some photos of the campus. You can view them starting here (there’s 13 of them) – they’re part of a larger ‘Bradford’ gallery that I created at the end of May last year (see this old entry).
One thing I did notice around campus was that over the weekend some speakers have been fitted in the courtyard area outside the student union, apparently so that those sat outside cannot escape the wrath of the jukebox in the student union bar. But from what I’ve been told, these speakers are indoor speakers, which, as soon as it starts raining, will go rather soggy. Although it was nice weather today, you’d think that whoever came up with this idea wou;d have chosen some speakers that could withstand the more typical Bradford combination of rain, wind and whatever else it feels like.

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