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Magically morphing hair

Last night was the first time I’d gelled my hair for some weeks, and for some reason, over the course of the night, it seemed to change style.
I started out with a Gary Rhodes-style, all-up approach, since it’s quite simple – you just shove all the hair up vertically. But then it somehow evolved into a John Travolta (a la Grease) look, before then changing into an Elvis-style quiff. Which was handy because the DJ started playing a variety of Elvis songs at this point.
As for this morning, it is merely a mess. I’ll be washing it and returning it to its flat normality.
Now, wait a minute, have I just posted an entire entry on my hair? Oh my…


  1. Sad.
    Very sad.
    Still as somebody at Bradford University studying your subject, I suppose I can expect little better. Ah well.

  2. Oh dear. Presumably the next post will be all about your weight…