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Happy and Drunk

I am writing this post after having drunk 4 glasses of red wine and a vodka milkshake. As such, I’m rather drunk, and typing is not so straightforward at the moment, hence the short length of this post. And yes, I know it isn’t even 9pm.
But, despite the amount of the work I have at the moment, this has been one of the happiest weeks I’ve had for a long time. It’s been great to catch up what people have been doing over Easter, and it really has underlined why I like being at university so much – being able to hang out with so many people.
I just wish I could see straight and would stop giggling at even the most minor jokes.


  1. Cheers! I should be joining you in your drunken goodness in about three hours! 😀

  2. What the hell is a vodka milkshake?! That sounds kinda scary!