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New template available

Normally I keep news related to my templates to my template blog but I’d just like to announce that the design I’m using here is now available in a convenient downloadable form so that you can use it on your own Movable Type weblog. If you’ve been using my ‘live templates’ from the past few weeks you may like to use this instead as it’s much more polished and has been sanitised so that it can be used on near-virginial MT installs without loads of plugins or extra configuration.
As ever, the template is released under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-commercial license, so you are free to modify it and release any changes if you wish.

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  1. New look?

    Everybody needs restyling. Every now and then. To feel younger, more beautiful, more intriguing. Or maybe just to let people see you from a different perspective. Well, my weblog starts to be pretentious. So young, so empty, but actively changing…