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JavaScript and Paris Hilton Sex Video

I’d been wondering why I hadn’t been having many people performing searches on the site lately. Normally I get quite a lot (most of which are rather obscure and bizarre… ) but recently there’s been very little activity. Then a colleague of mine said she couldn’t vote in the poll on Scrapie – the button would disable, but nothing would happen.

It turns out the rather dandy bit of supposedly cross-platform JavaScript that I use to disable the buttons after they’re clicked on (to prevent people from submitting them repeatedly) doesn’t work on some versions of Internet Explorer. I say ‘some’ versions, but actually it looks like ‘most’. So I’ve been removing it from this and Scrapie, and suddenly the number of searches has gone back up again.

I don’t know what made me more annoyed – the fact that this piece of script wasn’t as cross-browser compatible as it claimed to be, or that IE didn’t like it. I suppose this underlines the point that you should thoroughly test your sites in as many browsers that you get your hands on, especially if you’re designing for clients.

In any case, if you’re searching for the video of Paris Hilton having sex, then it’s not here. Go on Google, eat that.

One Comment

  1. Nah – you just design it for the client’s pc and don’t care what it looks like on other computers. Ooops, did I say that out loud?!