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Similar audience? Hmmm.

I received an email this evening with the subject of ‘similar audience’. It was sent to webmaster at, which always arouses suspicion since I never use that alias for anything – when I think of ‘the webmaster’ I imagine a geeky guy in purple spandex from The Big Breakfast. What did the email contain?

I just visited your site, Neil’s World, and thought your audience might enjoy our free online tarot readings.

I think it’s quite obvious the sender didn’t visit the site, or if they did they didn’t spend much time here, because until this post not one entry in 1734 included the words “tarot” or “horoscope”. Or “superstition” for that matter.

It’s like the emails I get saying that “your site is not listed in some search engines!”. I’m sure it isn’t in all of them – I can’t see why I’d want to be in a search engine for sites about collecting blu-tack by divorced transvestites called Bob – but I’m in all the major ones as far as I can tell and doing well too. The ones that say that ‘your webmaster isn’t responsible for monitoring your search engine performance’ also amuse me since I am “the webmaster”. Although I don’t own any purple spandex.

Update: I had this one today:

I found your site by searching boxing on various search engines, and saw you are ranking well. I thought we could help each other at no cost and with very little work.

I run a site similar to yours, and was wondering if you would like to trade links with me?

The site sold tickets to boxing matches. Now, while the word ‘boxing’ has appeared now and again in here, it’s almost always been in the context of ‘Boxing Day’, a public holiday in the UK and other countries. Somehow, I don’t think a student’s weblog, with oodles of content, is any way similar to a site that exists purely to get commission from another boxing tickets site.

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  1. You’ve done it now though haven’t you? ‘Tarot’, ‘horoscope’, ‘superstition’ and ‘spandex’, all in the same entry.
    But no doubt that was forseen in the cards…