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18 Questions

So, here it is – the community meme :). I haven’t included all of the questions since some of them were a bit long or obscure, and others have been edited slightly. Thanks to everyone who contributed – the first 15 are all from you guys. I’ve given my answers here too.

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1. Who do you admire the most and why?

That’s tricky because I admire a lot of people – I don’t think I can name one person I admire the most. I generally admire people who are able overcome obstacles in their life, even if the odds are against them.

2. What would you have as your last meal if you were on death row?

A nice piece of medium-rare Aberdeen Angus steak, with chips and salad. If I’m about to die I don’t exactly need to worry about the calories, do I?

3. What is your earliest memory?

I can remember opening presents on my fourth birthday. I got a Lego train set. That was 1988, by the way.

4. If you had 3 wishes, what would your 3rd wish be?

The ability to morph into a bird, so I could fly long distances without it costing anything. And crap on people I don’t like.

5. If you had to be blind or deaf, which would you choose?

Probably blind. At least that way I could still talk to people.

6. Have you ever been dared to do something where the risk exceeded the reward (ie. jump off a building for a penny)?

Probably, but I can’t think of anything. If I did it obviously wasn’t something big or particularly daring.

7. If you were forced to live the rest of your existence in a fictional world from a movie, book and TV show which ones would you select?

Back to the Future II, so I could travel around on hover boards. Either that, or the comedy series Coupling.

8. If you had a superpower, which superpower would it be and why?

The power of flight. See above.

9. What is your favourite vegetable?

Can’t beat the humble cucumber. Nice to eat and apparently it has other uses too. But I wouldn’t know about those.

10. In how many different languages do you know the meaning of at least one word?

‘Coca-cola’, in all languages :). Okay, I know the phrase “thank you” in French, Spanish, German, Italian and Romanian – “merci”, “gracias”, “danke”, “grazie” and “mucha mas” (the latter is probably spelt wrong). And obviously I know it in various English dialects too – “ta”, “cheers”, “thanks” etc.

11. What did you want to be when you were a child?

A civil engineer, like my Dad. That was before I became interested in computers and before I went to work at an architect’s for 2 weeks.

12. What one event (if any) would you change in your personal past if you had the power to do it once?

There are a couple but they’re both quite personal.

13. What’s the one question you want to be asked of you in an interview?

“How much do you want us to pay you?” 🙂

14. Have you ever cheated death?

Not yet.

15. What was the most important decision you’ve ever had to make?

Probably which university to go to. I think I made the right decision.

16. Which sports team do you support the most, and why?

I’m not a big sports fan but I usually root behind Liverpool FC. I think it was because I was (well, still am) good friends with a Liverpool supporter so it stuck. Never been to a game though. I do have a soft spot for York City though, what with them being my home team.

17. Mobile phones (cellphones) – evil or good?

Depends how I’m feeling – eother really useful or a necessary evil. I’ve been trying to get used to a Sony Ericsson phone after having used a Nokia for some time and it’s not easy since the both have their own little quirks.

18. What is your favourite song at the moment?

I quite like “Clubbidemus” by Marc van Linden – it features a sample of “Adiemus” by Enya. I find “I Don’t Care” by Milk Inc. featuring Silvy to be somewhat amusing too.


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