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There’s RSS on my iPod!

Engadget has a really cool tips article about reading RSS feeds on your iPod – you use a program to sync feeds and then can read them wherever you are.
There’s one rather large catch though – you need a PC with Windows XP. Apple Macs just won’t cut it here, since you need to use the free iPod Agent tool (along with the .Net Framework). Oh, the irony.
Note: despite the title, there’s no RSS on my iPod, due to the fact that this iPod of mine doesn’t actually exist. Though if I had an imaginary iPod I’m sure it could read RSS (and Atom) feeds with no problems. It would also play Ogg Vorbis files…


  1. >>Apple Macs just won

  2. can ipods play oggs?

  3. Well the “but does it run Linux?” comment is redundant because it can. But can it use wifi? Cause that would be great – listening to both internet radio and streamed RSS feeds on an ipod.
    OK, I know – I’m going to have to stick to my pda to do that.