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The endings of Easter

It’s almost the end of the Easter break now. Tomorrow I’ll be packing my cases ready to head back on Saturday, in preparation for what looks like a right old slog of a term. Despite my efforts while at home to further my coursework, I still have plenty to be getting on with, along with exams in around 6 weeks time. There’s also a group project that I’m involved in which needs to be finished pretty soon. And then there’s my volunteering with the magazine, and my ongoing approachability as a course rep.
To top that, I have to get a house sorted for next year (I thought I had it done in January but it’s not looking quite so straightforward right now) and make a final decision about whether to do a one-year work placement or go straight into the third year – I’m 98% sure about the latter but there have been some placements coming through that I might check out.
All in all, the next 2 months could be the busiest 2 months of my life so far. I would say that blogging activity may well reduce but past experience indicates that isn’t necessarily what will happen – I tend to find blogging and reading other people’s blogs somewhat theraputic so it may well prove to be a useful escape.
By the way, thanks for all of the question suggestions – I’ll look over them either tomorrow or Saturday and put something together. I reckon we’ll have a pretty good meme going here.

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