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Yesterday in York

Since yesterday was a nice sunny day I went in to town for a spot of retail therapy. There was still a bit of juice left in my camera so I took that with me, so that I could wear down the batteries. Here’s what I took.

Two people having charicatures drawn I took this photo because it amused me slightly. There are several artists in the more touristy areas of York who will happily draw an embarassing charicature of you, but this one was the only one where the seats were labelled ‘Victim 1’ and ‘Victim 2’. This one was at the crossing of Petergate and Stonegate, in the shadow of the Minster.
A construction site Okay, I’ll admit that I took a photo of a construction site. An old row of shops is being demolished and being replaced with, erm, something. I took this because it’s probably the only time you’ll see the buildings behind from where the picture was taken – once the new building is up it will almost certainly obscure the view somewhat.
City Screen I always like this view. Ignore the big building to the right of the photo, the buildings to the left are the most interesting. Some are quite old, and were originally part of the printworks for the local newspaper, others are much newer (no more than 5 years old) and were built when the area was redeveloped. It’s now a selection of posh restuarants and bars, with a rather nice cinema as the centrepiece.
Ouse Bridge And looking the other way. Being a nice day, there were lots of people out on boats on the river. Again, this shot would be much nicer if it weren’t for the rather bland office block. The bridge is Ouse Bridge, the second of three bridges across the river in the city centre, and, if memory serves correctly, the oldest.
Sunglasses Finally, the reason why I went into town – to buy some sunglasses. Of course, now that I’ve bought them it’ll be cloudy for the rest of the year, but, heh.
By the way, I’ve also created a new ‘Photography’ category on here, to help the relieve the rather monstrous ‘Life’ category. This is the 20th entry in this category already.

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