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Google and Judaism

Google has officially responded to the complaints about a search for “Jew” returning an anti-semitic web site as the first result (see also this New York Times article, registration required).
I think Google have handled this as best as they could – ‘fixing’ the results manually would only have attracted more criticism from the other side of the debate, whereas providing an explanation (which is linked at the top of the search like Adwords used to be) will at least bring some kind of compromise. And in any case, they rightly point out that anyone searching for information about Jews would be more likely to search for Judiasm which returns plenty of informational sites.
The point is, this site is doing nothing wrong in the legal sense. I’m sure Jews wouldn’t like the site, but I imagine it counts as freedom of speech. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, no matter how misguided it is (Robert Kilroy-Silk, I’m talking to you here).

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  1. Mmm, I just posted about this. I agree that Google has done the best they can in a difficult situation.