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GMail on the 6 O’Clock News

While the BBC has been keeping up with the GMail saga on its website (including this article from yesterday), I didn’t expect it to feature in a two-minute slot on this evening’s 6 O’Clock News. For the unitiated, the BBC News at 6 O’Clock is arguably the BBC’s main evening news program, and despite it being dumbed down somewhat in recent years it remains one of the most watched news programmes in Britain.
The slot is archived here – you’ll need RealPlayer or something compatible to view it (Real Alternative hooked into Media Player Classic worked for me). It does come to a good conclusion though – if you don’t like what Google is offering, go elsewhere; it’s not like the free email market is saturated.
The thing that annoys me is that Yahoo is a portal that offers free email, and could quite possibly use cookies to link search results with emails, along with any of its other extensive online services, yet I don’t see anyone get on their high horses about that. Think about it. I use Yahoo Messenger, have a Yahoo profile, and a (seldom used) Yahoo mail account. Throw in Yahoo Personals, Search, and My Yahoo, and you could probably get a pretty good picture of what I was like.
Of course, I don’t use all of those. But what if I did?

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  1. I turned on the TV earlier and caught the headlines of the 6 o’clock news. The google story caught my eye and so I sat down to watch the program. It was the first time I’d seen the 6 o’clock news in years and I must say I was rather shocked. Dumbed down ain’t the half of it. It sounded like news for simpletons to me.