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Enough of the Google Bombing already

There’s another Googlebomb in town. The Pro-Bush camp want to get the word ‘waffles’ to point to articles about John Kerry. So the Pro-Kerry camp do the opposite – getting the word ‘waffles’ to point to articles about GWB.
Oh come on! Googlebombs are a fad, and one that was interesting for a bit last year, but is now just getting petty. And in any case, waffles are a potato-based snack – I’d expect to be able to get information about those, not some political mud-slinging about the presidential campaign in a country that I don’t even live in. Let this fad die before every Google search has wildly distorted results pushing different peoples’ political agendas.

One Comment

  1. Aw, you take all the fun out of everything. Your such a loser. 😉 Couldn’t resist.
    (only a joke of course)