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Underground History

It’s been a while since I mentioned a really cool site here, but Underground History is certainly one of them. Although I don’t live in the capital (can’t afford it!), I’ve visited it a lot, and almost invariably been on the tube at some point during almost every visit, including last weekend. This site concentrates on the history of the 40 or so ‘missing stations’ – stations that, for whatever reason, are no longer open to the public. Some of them are still in use as film sets or storage areas, others are gone and forgotten. Each station is covered in astonishingly great depth and with photographs.
This site, in my mind, is what the internet is all about – making information, however obscure, accessible to all. Without sites like these, you’d need to dig deep into council and government archives, but instead, it’s all presented in an easy-to-read and friendly way. Very much worthy of being in the ‘cool sites’ category.
Found via Boing Boing.

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