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Evidently more pingable

A few weeks back I blocked an IP address that was repeatedly pinging my Pinging Service Rundown article (possibly because someone thought it was another service to ping!), however I realised today that, since the person was a TypePad user, I just prevented anyone who used TypePad from pinging this site.
I’ve now unblocked the IP address and disabled pings on that entry – normally pings don’t get disabled until 6 months after the entry was posted but I decided to make an exception here (besides, 17 pings should be enough 🙂 ). TypePadistas should now be able to ping me again, and sorry for my stupidity.

One Comment

  1. Neil,
    I don’t think it helps that your url is/was listed alongside other Ping services at the WP Wiki:
    Will no real separation, one could easily mistake your post URL for an URL for an update service.
    Just thought I’d bring it to your attention.