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Reach for the Skype

So a friend of mine encourages me to download Skype. At first I decide not to, since it’s something I probably won’t use – instant messaging is usually fine and works on narrowband without any problems. But then this Guardian article came around, and I thought ‘what the heck’. And now I have to say I’m impressed.

The software is nice and easy to use – anyone who’s used IM for a while should have no problems, and the sound quality is excellent – argubly better than using a phone. Admittedly both parties had reasonable connections but even when we were downloading stuff quality was good enough, and it was able to cope with temporary reductions in bandwidth. Unlike other VoIP services, it’s free, encrypted and decentralised too.

So, it gets my recommendation. Note that I meant to write this last Thursday but I haven’t really had the time.


  1. Also unlike most voip services it isn’t actually compatable with anything else. You can’t dial a cisco ip phone, you can’t connect to netmeeting, you can’t connect it to a pbx, and it isn’t linked to the standard telephone system.

  2. I think that would make it similar to all the other VoiP services.
    Anyway, I havn’t tried it, as I have no mic.