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SP2 just annoyed me

[Originally written last night but someone in China decided to launch a DoS attack against my host before I could post it]
And it was going so well…
Today a round of bug fixes for SP2 was released via Windows Update. None seemed to affect my setup directly but I installed them anyway. Anyhoo, Automatic Updates has a “feature” which, if you choose not to reboot your computer immediately after the updates are installed, will remind you via a popup dialog to reboot every 10 minutes or so. The dialog as two options – Reboot Now and Reboot Later. I was only going to be using the computer for an hour or so before shutting down so I decided to hold out.
The problem with this dialog is that it steals focus – it will always come to the foreground and unless you switch to another task the keyboard reacts to that window. And that’s the problem. I was finishing off a blog entry when this dialog popped up, but because I was typing it stole focus, and I happened to be typing a word which included the accelerator key for ‘Reboot Now’. So, that unsaved entry of mine disappeared as my laptop prepared for shutdown. Grrr.
Fortunately, it was only a short and replaceable blog entry, not an essay or something important that I’d been working on for hours. Had it been that, I’d have been really cheesed off. But I think this deserves a bug report as if this gets in to the final release I don’t think I’ll be the only one who will be hit by this.
It’s not the first time something like this has happened to me though. Once, on my old laptop, I hit the Windows key instead of the spacebar while typing (laptop keyboards have ridiculously small spacebars), and then typed a word with two ‘l’s in it. Try pressing the Windows key, followed by l and then l again, and you’ll be logged off. Suffice to say I wasn’t best pleased. Thankfully, this Toshiba has the Windows key and the Delete key swapped around so all hell doesn’t break loose should I accidently hit it. It takes some getting used to but I actually prefer this layout.
On a brighter note, this is probably the only bugbear I’ve had with SP2 so far, other than IE crashing when browsing I sent in an error report about that one. In fact, a friend of mine reckons that SP2 fixed a bug which caused his computer to crash while playing some games, although it may also be that he turned down his AGP speed.
Interesting I actually bought a Coke bottle today but I didn’t win a free song from the MyCokeMusic site. Coca-Cola have seemingly learnt from Pepsi since the code is on the inside of the label, and you don’t know if you’ve won until you tap the code into the web site. They also seem to have been generated using an algorithm so entering a random series of letters won’t work 🙁
Normal blogging will resume tomorrow – I’ve been in the capital all day and I’m positively knackered. Walking up all 193 steps at Covent Garden tube station didn’t help either.

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