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March Stats

Normally I do these as soon as the new month comes along, but what with April Fools Day, general business and Chinese script kiddies with nothing better to do, it’s taken me until today to actually get around to publishing the stats.
Entries were again lower than usual – I only managed 62, which is probably because I’m somewhat busier now than I was I was this time last year. But anyway, there were 42107 visitors, which is about the same as last month, creating 149 580 page views and a total of 288 446 hits. Bandwidth usage, however, was down to 2.48 GB, although I reckon that the Firefox screenshots I posted in February may have made this higher.
Traffic was quite flat until the 22nd March, when people starting hitting the site for my Windows XP SP2 reviews and information about problems with MSN Messenger. The biggest day, however, was the 31st, when MSN suffered major problems – that day alone I had nearly 200MB of traffic. Average usage was down 3MB to 82MB/day.
MSN Typo takes this month’s crown for the most popular entry with 7857 views, pushing Media Player Classic (6903) to second. Other popular entries were Woah, like serious traffic man (2702), (2093), Firefox Screenshots (1984), Winamp 2.9 Beta (1720), Habeas being exploited (1477), XP Service Pack 2 Review (1389) and Mini iPods are a ripoff (1218). Only two of those were added in March.
Windows remains the popular OS but its lead slips 3% to 74.5%. Mac users are down to 4.6% and Linux users are at 2.6%, with the only other notable OS being FreeBSD with 0.2%. 17.7% are using an ‘unknown’ OS however. ‘GNU’ was the least popular OS with just 1 hit.
MSIE grew its lead to 55.4% (grrr… ), with Mozilla staying relatively constant at 19.3%. Gecko-based browsers account for 24.6% of visitors as a whole though. Other notables include Safari at 1.8% and Opera at 1.7%. AmigaVoyager and NetPositive both sent just 1 visitor each.
Google referals went up to 36 051, with Yahoo dropping to 2450. MSN, AOL and Netscape were the other biggies, along with 271 from ‘Unknown search engines’. 27.4% – 4% more than last time – came here via a search engine.
Nothing interesting in the referrals list, although Kevin Gerich still sent 1174 people here. ‘0x81000378’ shot to the top of the search engine keywords chart with 2046 visits, followed by the usual suspects. 124 people got here by typing “you cannot use messenger at this time because your contact list is not available” and 95 found me while looking for “shoot the penguin” (which actually takes you to this entry from 2002 about a different penguin game to the Yeti Sports one). 68 people searched for “random things”, and quite how 61 people got here simply by typing “boobies” I’ll probably never know. 34 were looking for “cheap ipods” (is there such a thing?) and 22 were looking for “my rack” – like I’m going to know where your rack is? Um, anyway…

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  1. “Traffic was quite flat until the 22nd March”
    Rest assured I’m only here because I’m drunk :p