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MSN having problems again

If you’re looking for the service status of Windows Live Messenger (aka MSN Messenger), go to the Microsoft Service Status page.

I think MSN is having problems again, since I’ve had 18 new comments posted to the MSN Typo article in the past 3 hours, all from people who cannot connect to the MSN Messenger service. No word from Microsoft about the problem though.

I’m connected to the network okay via Trillian but I have a feeling that it is affected too since the status window didn’t show the contacts being retrieved at signon, however Trillian stores the contact list locally so the only effect of this is that fewer people appear to be online. It also looks like some accounts are affected and others are not.


  1. I have faced this problem that I could not connect msn messenger. I just have seen the message kind of “You cannot use Messenger at this time because your contact list is not availalbe. Please try again later.
    Click Help to learn more about your contact list 0x81000378”.
    It’s really problem to me..
    Is there any solution?
    I really need some help on this problem.. T.T

  2. yeah I’m here in Ireland and I have been getting that message all day!

  3. I’m in Boston, MA and having the same problem. It would appear the MSN Login Servers have a problem authenticating users. The real question is how long will it take them to fix it?!

  4. jesus have i got a problem with msn. unable to login on messinger/msn wont recognise my password, wont let go into dvd island either. anyone else been able to sort it out or is it a case of sit and wait.

  5. same problem here, cant sign in to any msn accounts, not through msn explorer through any version I have.

  6. im in toronto, canada. im having the same problem also, tried fixing the registry but still didn’t work. maybe ill try logging in from another computer.

  7. HI, urm im not sure if you can help, but every time i try and connect to my messenger it is saying i have a problem with my internet connection, then says this number 0x81000370. The internet connection is fine and i can send and recieve emails. PLease help

  8. PLEASE MSM MESSENGER , get this sign in problem fixed !! reset my secret question, password even deleted and reloaded the program!!

  9. i can’t enter msn messenger and everytime i try to it says

  10. I posted a comment on April 26, about my msn messenger not signing in due to a wrong internet connection, it seems like a lot of others are having the same trouble, do you please know how to solve it??????? I cant access hotmail or msn online so i cant resent my password.