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Beautiful BitTorrent

I’ve never really used BitTorrent to download files – today was my first time. That said, I’m impressed by it. I downloaded the latest beta of foobar2000 this way, and, in my experience at least, it was almost no slower than it would have been downloading from a normal web server – throughput was around 80% of my connection speed (256Kbps). More importantly, all I was downloading from the foobar2000 server was one small .torrent file, so I’ve saved on that server’s bandwidth usage.
No wonder it’s starting to become popular.

One Comment

  1. *nods* BitTorrent is a pretty cool idea. At first, I was put off by how complicated it seemed to be, but in actual fact, downloading is as simple as opening up a port and pointing BitTorrent to the torrent file.
    I’ve learnt that it’s considered good manners for you to leave your BitTorrent window open for as long as reasonably possible after your download itself is finished, so that your computer is acting as a ‘seed’ (a computer that has the whole file, as opposed to one that only has certain parts).
    But, yeah. It’s cool.