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New Mobile Phone

On Saturday, my new phone, a Sony Ericcson T300 arrived. I’ve had my Nokia 3410 for almost 18 months now and was starting to feel a bit behind the times as everyone else got newer and flashier phones. I decided now was about the right time to switch as the 3410 is still in very good condition and so I could potentially get a fair wad of cash when I choose to sell it on.
This phone is better than my 3410 in almost every way – it has a colour screen, multimedia messaging, a plugin camera (included), infra-red communication, better battery life, support for tri-band GSM and it’s smaller and lighter too. About the only thing it doesn’t have that my 3410 did have is Java support, which I never used anyway so no big loss there. It doesn’t have Bluetooth but again I probably don’t need that right now.
The phone is second hand, costing £60 plus £5 postage from eBay, which I thought was a good price. Admittedly the casing is a bit scuffed at the edges but it works. It was unlocked too, although I’m guessing it was previously locked to T-Mobile since the startup screen is branded and the WAP function has been renamed ‘t-zones’. Hopefully I’ll be able to get Tesco’s WAP settings in there so that I can use it for moblogging.
As I haven’t yet got WAP set up I can only view images on the 256-colour screen, so naturally any images taken on the camera initially look pretty poor but I’ll reserve judgement until I see them on a computer screen.
Overall I’m happy so far, but I’ll be hanging onto my 3410 for a couple more weeks until I’m sure that I want to stay with this phone.

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