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That’s some mark up

Just browsing the Apple Store today. No reason, but I checked out the current price of a 40GB iPod – £398.99, or $723.41. This seemed a bit pricy, so I jumped over to the US store, to find the same spec iPod at… wait for it… $499.00.
So, apparently it costs $224.41, or £123.70 to ship an iPod over to Blighty. Hmmm.
If I ever decide to buy an iPod, it looks like I’ll be asking one of my stateside friends to buy it for me and have it shipped over cheaply then. I don’t really see how shipping and VAT can amount to that much. And, yes, this is a re-hash of a rant about the iPod Mini but it just seems rather unfair that Americans get one price and Brits get another one.


  1. Actually I think its the commission the govt takes in the role of vat 🙂

  2. Take a look on ebay and see how much cheaper you can get it from China or Japan.

  3. Yeah, People in A-mercia seem to get every thing cheaper.
    Lucky buggers.