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Is anything not banned in Georgia?

State officials in the US state of Georgia have just voted to ban genital piercings for women (via Fark). The bill was supposed to ban all kinds of female mutilation, including by consent, but went as far as also banning genital piercings, so even adult women wanting to get their thingies pierced wouldn’t be allowed to. And the guy who proposed the amendment banning piercings had this to say when told that some women actively seek to get their wotsits pierced:

“What? I’ve never seen such a thing,” Heath said. “I, uh, I wouldn’t approve of anyone doing it. I don’t think that’s an appropriate thing to be doing.”

Any reason why? As long as piercings are kept sterile there shouldn’t be any risk to health from doing it. I can understand the original reason for this bill going through but this goes too far. Women should have the choice to do this to themselves, should they want to.
But then, this is Georgia, a state which bans sex toys (which you can buy on the high street over here) and has religious organisations which want to ban books like John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” from schools because they’re ‘offensive’. Hmmm…


  1. Ah god bless the ignorant south.
    You know this isn’t going to change anything. How many cops are going to charge women for genital piercing and what kind of a judge would give someone 2 to 20 years in prison for doing such a thing. I’m sure the first time it goes to court it will be overturned. I hope 🙂
    Besides people still go out of state and get it done.

  2. I find any kind of body piercing totally revolting and the biggest turn off there can be. Anyone geeting into the genital piercing arena have got to be sick or weak in the head. Perhaps someone could give a sensible reason for doing it, although I doubt that such a reason for self mutilation of this sort can possibly exist.

  3. and people wonder why we moved to the opposite corner of the US from Georgia . . . .
    So we have one state banning genital piercing and one two states over ruling that search warrants are no longer necessary (Lousiana): am I wrong to see some possible abuse here?

  4. The discussion here should not be is genital piercing right or wrong but does the government have the right to limit a consenting adults rights? I think not. This is a huge step on individual liberties and the fine folks of Georgia should be outraged.
    Also, Niel,you may not approve of the piercings but that does not make it wrong for an adult to choose to have the procedure done. People modify their bodies for many different reasons; most of which you won’t understand. The best reason I can think of is that it adds to an individuals self esteem and builds one’s self confidence.