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Technorati Blog Rankings

In case you didn’t hear the buzz earlier in the week, Technorati has had a re-design, and a mighty fine one at that. The site looks a lot cleaner and more professional, and it’s much easier to use, which is always important. And as ever, the data is licensed under a Creative Commons license (attribution, non-commercial).
One of its new features is in the members area. If you have claimed one or more blogs, you can log in and view its ranking among the 1 949 561 other weblogs that Technorati was monitoring at the time of this post. So, here are my rankings:

  • Neil’s World – 1124, with 191 inbound blog links
  • Neil’s Movable Type Templates 3434 with 89 inbound blog links (this will be high because anyone who has used my templates is encouraged to link back as part of the license)
  • Neil’s Smaller World – 103316 with 4 inbound blog links (I think most people read this through the RSS feed so this will be lower)

When you consider how many weblogs it is watching, to be only just outside the top 1000 is pretty good going, I’d say. Thanks to everyone who has been linking to me.

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