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XP SP2 Review: Postscript

Since yesterday’s review and the comments I made on Saturday, I’d like to clarify a few things:

MSN Messenger

I don’t think the problems have anything to do with the latest version of the MSN client or SP2. Yesterday I was using the same version (6.1.0211) on a Windows 2000 machine with no problems, although this machine did have a much better internet connection than my own computer does. Furthermore, I tried accessing MSN using Miranda IM (new version released on Saturday) and I had the same problem – it was connecting but couldn’t retrieve my contact list.
The problem has been intermittent – if I keep trying I do get logged on eventually. I will try again at home in a couple of days where I can also use Trillian, though a quick scan of the Trillian forums didn’t bring up any problems. I have a feeling this is because Trillian can remember your contacts, so if it can’t get your contact list it can still work.

Performance Issues

The slowdown on startup didn’t appear to be an issue this morning – it booted up at the same speed as it always has. So, in short, installing SP2 hasn’t impacted computer performance noticably in any way.

McAfee VirusScan

One problem I have encountered is that since installing SP2, McAfee VirusScan hasn’t been able to update itself, coming up with an error about the Common Framework Updater system. I’ll re-install it to see if it fixes itself.
Update: A re-install didn’t fix it. If any of you guys can help me here, I’d appreciate it. The Event Log gives me this message when I try to update:

The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID {D3580208-D4E1-46D4-876C-B45A328AF25A} to the user ANNABELLA\Neil SID (S-1-5-21-2402929114-2812750092-2978350642-1005). This security permission can be modified using the Component Services administrative tool.

I’m not currently missing out on any definitions but ideally I’d like this to get fixed. Remember I’m using XP Home, which does have the Component Services tool. It’s just that I have no idea how to use it…
Update II: Matthijs, in the comments, offered the solution. Go to Admininstrative Tools and open Component Services. Expand the Component Services branch, then Computers, My Computers, DCOM Config. Right-click on FrameworkService and choose Properties. Click on the Security tab and under ‘Launch and Activation Permissions’, select ‘Use Default’. Click OK, close the Component Services window, and Updates should work again! Thanks a lot Matthijs.
As for Messenger Plus causing the MSN contact list problems, I’ve never had it on this computer – you can read the reason why here. But this hasn’t affected me for a couple of days so maybe it’s working again. Still odd that there’s no word from Microsoft about this though, it looks like a lot of people are having the same problem as me.


  1. When you did the reinstall, did you remove components relating to McAffee in component services? That may be worth a try.
    It sounds like the update is trying to run as you, but needs to update as another user in the same way that sophos requires it’s own user.
    In component services you’d change the identity tab on the properties of the McAffee component to a relevant user. (then create a .msi installer for the change and roll it out across 50 machines, yes it took a while) Do you have a user on the computer that looks like a McAffee update user?

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  3. For your McAfee problem:
    It’s a problem with the dcom settings of the Framework service. In Component
    Services -> DCOM Config check the Security setting of the FrameworkService.
    Set launch/Activation to default.
    Your MSM problem:
    Remove Messenger Plus.

  4. Did the DCOM stuff – now hangs in the updater “Checking update packages from the respository NAIFtp” – no progress afetr one block.
    Any suggestions? (please email also)

  5. To resolve the MSN Messenger issue, I followed the steps posted at this discussion board:

  6. Your Question:
    Did the DCOM stuff – now hangs in the updater “Checking update packages from the respository NAIFtp” – no progress afetr one block.
    Any suggestions? (please email also)
    My Answer:
    With the XP SP” it has an integrated firewall. click on start-settings-controlpanel-windowsfirewall. change to last register, click on lan- onnection, click properties button and check the ftp-server on the dialogbox click OK. that resolvs the proplem with the ftp access.
    Best regards

  7. The McAfee framework issue is solved easily.
    Administrative Tools
    Component Service
    DCOM conf
    Framework service
    Right-click -> properties
    Set the launch and access permission to Default
    Restart pc. McAfee will update properly.
    Seems to be an error in the McAfee installer

  8. Sorry I was to fast, not noting that it was XP Home. Use regedit to:
    Delete the following registry key, causes the permissions to reset to Default
    (this applies to Viruscan 7)
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\AppID\{2A6D72F1-6E7E-4702-B99C-E40D3DED33C3} LaunchPermission
    The other keys in this area:
    (Default) REGZ FrameworkService
    LocalService REGZ McAfeeFramework
    (if that AppID is different, do a search for FrameworkService)