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Going public

Although I’m on my Easter break now, and therefore have no lectures/labs/tutorials/meetings/whatever, the next couple of days is going to be a little busy for me. After nosying around the magazine’s computers, I realised that digital copies of most of the past issues exist on one computer’s hard disk. They’re not on the web site, nor are they even on the student union’s network drives. Obviously they were printed but old issues are hard to come by.
This, to me, seemed silly. A free magazine aimed at 10,000 students, yet anything older than a year is only within reach of around 10 people?
You can probably guess what I’m doing now, but if you can’t, I’m going through various past issues and adding them to the site. I’ve done three issues, and have another two to do, and then all issues since September 2002 will be on there. With a bit of luck I’ll be able to take that back to September 2001 – anything older than that, however, may be a little more difficult, but we shall see. As I’ve read through the articles while copying and pasting them into the CMS, I’ve found some really interesting content in there that, despite being published up to 18 months ago, is still interesting and relevant. It may make particularly interesting reading for this year’s freshers, who will probably have never had chance to read any of this stuff.
Naturally, having the content on the web site makes it searchable too, which means that if you remember seeing an article and want to refer to it, but can’t remember which issue it was in, all you have to do is tap in a few search terms and Bob’s your uncle.

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  1. Great initiative! Although I’m not familiar with your magazine, I have appreciated considerably being able to search old issues of the student mag at the uni I went to (they have online their issues dating back to 1994 (!) )
    Have a nice Easter break!