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Download Irony

There’s a certain degree of irony involved when you have to use Firefox to download SP2 RC1 for Windows XP.
I tried it in IE but the download cut out after 170MB, leaving me 100MB short of the full package. Quite why it failed I don’t know, although the cache was only set to an allowance of 20MB. Firefox, on the other hand, is much better at downloading since it downloads files to the user’s temp folder instead of the cache, and allows you to resume downloads.
Naturally, with the package being so big, I’m downloading it at one of the university’s cluster machines, since the entire thing can be downloaded in around half an hour – sounds fast, but the average Linux ISO, when downloaded from the UK Mirror Service, takes a mere 10 minutes, and they’re usually at least double the size. I’ll then burn the file to a CD and install it on my own machine later. A friend of mine already has it installed and he’s had no issues with it yet, so hopefully it will work fine.

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