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Darned weather

The weather is conspiring against me today. I keep meaning to nip out for a paper and some lunch, but every time I decide to go it starts raining. And then when it stops, and I close down my applications and get my shoes on, it starts again!
And this isn’t any old rain, oh no. This is sideways rain. No, really, it’s coming in almost horizontally, since it’s coupled with some really strong winds. It was like this yesterday too, except at times the rain was replaced by hailstones. Not good when you’re walking up the really steep bit of Great Horton Road with a rucksack full of shopping.
And to really take the piss, it was sunny too. Sun, sleet and heavy winds, all at the same time. Welcome to Bradford.
My father assured me via a text message yesterday that over in Seville the weather is lovely and sunny, which doesn’t do much to help things. Let’s just hope that when I return to York sometime this week (either Tuesday or Wednesday, I’m a bit unsure at the moment) that the weather there is somewhat more… unschizofrenic.

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  1. sounds exactlly like my school Virginia Tech. 70’s one day, 4 inches of snow the next