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St Paddy’s Day on the Net

A pint of Guinness Considering it’s only a national holiday in a country with just under 4 million people (around 15 times less than the UK and 70 times less than the US), St Patrick’s Day seems to be pretty popular around the world – I’m off to a St Patrick’s night party-type-thing tonight at the student union tonight. It’s about the one time each year that I drink Guinness, mainly because it’s not the cheapest bear around but also because it’s not proper Guinness, just a cheap imitation brewed in this country. The real Irish stuff is much nicer.
It’s also been pretty popular around the net – I stuck a four-leaf clover in the banner today after seeing it on newrecruit but El Reg has also followed suit. Naturally Google has also taken on the Irish spirit, though only on its UK and Ireland portals (St Patrick’s Day is also a public holiday in Northern Ireland, which is a UK state).

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  1. has the st paddys logo too