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If you’re a bit depressed about the new Sam and Max game getting cancelled, then this might cheer you up. If you own any of the old LucasArts games (we’re talking around 1993-1996 here) then go and download ScummVM. It’s an open-source, cross-platform virtual machine program that will let you play your Scumm (Script Creation Utility of Maniac Mansion) games on modern OSes with the latest hardware. So now you can throw out that old Windows 98 PC and play them on your Windows XP machine, or your Mac, your Linux box, your BeOS box, your Solaris box, even your PocketPC/Palm, your Amiga or your Dreamcast.
Screenshot of Sam and Max playing under ScummVM
There’s a full list of supported games – you need the original titles, but if you don’t have them there’s also a selection of demos out there. Although I have Sam and Max Hit The Road and Day of the Tentacle at home, to test it out I had to resort to using a downloadable demo. It works fine, although you do have to enter commands into the command line to run it.


  1. Don’t forget the P800 version (link on the ‘unofficial ports’ page) – I played through all of Monkey Island 1 on it.
    Better than anything on the GBA .

  2. They cancelled it? I hadn’t heard! That shouldn’t be allowed.
    Otherwise, this is a great app. Apart from one thing: How do you use objects in Beneath a Steel Sky. I played it years ago, and I remember that I have to use the bar to open the door, and I’ve picked up the bar, but now I’ve no idea how to make it do anything.

  3. Also works on most Palm devices. My years-old clie plays DOTT and Monkey Island just fine. 🙂
    I reserve the right to think the GBA is still better tho’ 🙂

  4. Er, OK, so you said that in your post. It’s been a long day. 🙂

  5. You don’t have to use command-line arguments at all. You havn’t needed to do that since 0.2.0!
    I really wonder why people are still thinking it’s commandline driven… just run the binary and it pops up a dialog with a very self-explanatory interface.
    If you can let me know why you thought you need to do command-line stuff I’d be most appretiative 🙂
    – James ‘Ender’ Brown
    Project Leader,

  6. Anyone know where I can get a version of Day of the Tentacle free or really cheap? I’m dying for a DOTT fix and I have no cash.