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More space to breathe

My host currently offers several stats packages – Webalizer, Analog, AWStats and Urchin, which is nice, but having all 3 generate reports (particularly on a somewhat high traffic site like this one) naturally means that they take up a lot of disk space. Fortunately, a new feature added today means that I can delete the excess files. While AWstats and Webalizer were under the 10MB mark, Analog, which I never use anyway, had eaten up nearly 50MB of space in just 3 months. So naturally I deleted it’s log files.
As a guide, all the files for this site take up 44MB on the server. So I just halved my disk space usage on one swoop. It’s not like disk space is a problem, since I have oodles, but if I ever decide to stick something big on here at least I’ll have more room to do so. Especially as by the end of the year Analog will have probably claimed 20% of my total disk space.

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