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Sometimes I’m glad

Sometimes I’m glad to be at Bradford, and it’s when your vice-chancellor says something like this (may require registration) that you feel proud. Bradford is one of the few “old” universities, as in those that got their royal charter before 1992, that is actively opposed to variable rate top-up fees.
I’ll admit that I’m subscribed to a Google News Alert for term “Bradford University” OR “University of Bradford”. It’s been turning up a fair few matches lately as one of the professors in the Department of Peace Studies seems to be somewhat of an expert when it comes to al-Qaeda and terrorism, which sadly has been in the news again over the past few days, as you are no doubt aware.
On Wednesday, my parents are off to Spain for a week’s holiday, though they will be spending most of their time in Seville and the south of the country and as such will be steering clear of Madrid. I understand that on Saturday there may be large protests in Spanish cities but whether this will affect them I don’t know.
Uh… it’s half past one in the morning. Best be off to bed.

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