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Wow, I have free time!

But not much. In fact I’m out again in about 4 minutes, so this will be brief.
Remember my to-do list? It’s already gone out of the window. Today, I got called up to help out at the Open Day – it means standing around looking bored for 5 hours but it pays £25, so I’m not arguing. That took me on to 3:30pm, when I sat down to try and get somewhere with this sodding coursework – I’m now on plan B, which may or may not get me anywhere but we’ll see. Then, I happen to bump into some friends, so I end up down the pub until 7:00pm, when I think I really need to go back and phone my parents.
So here I am. I’m about to go out to a comedy night, and then after that either sleep or finish this coursework, although judging by how knackered I am now the former looks somewhat more appealing.
Tomorrow has also seen a rather large change. As a member of the student union with no affiliations to any candidate who is standing in the elections, I got roped into manning a ballot box over at the halls I was in last year. Except speaking to someone who manned it last year, it looks like I’ll have a very boring 4 hours since no-one voted there that time. Probably because that box closes at 5pm, and most students are still on campus at that time. But, hey…
As you can imagine, come Friday I’m going to very relieved that I have very little planned this weekend.

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