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Project Gutenberg Re-design

There’s currently a competition to redesign Project Gutenberg, a wonderfully useful but somewhat dated-looking site. The entries for February were posted on Friday, and while some of them are very good, others are not so. Below are my top 5 favourites, based on appearance, how much scrolling is needed to get the information (generally the less, the better) and how much the core functions of the site stand out. These 5 all manage these with a reasonable degree of success, but others were hopelessly over-designed, or made no real improvement over what is already there.

  1. Bright Corner (this is my favourite)
  2. Dan Hodos
  3. Travis Cripps
  4. Quang Tang
  5. Ben Scofield

These all show what can be acheived with standards-compliant HTML code and CSS. There are some very talented people out there, and I hope one of these designs is picked.


  1. Thanks for including me, Neil! And thanks for including why you preferred these designs, too – seems like most of the people who’ve posted their choices have just said “I like X, Y, and Z,” exposing none of the reasons behind their choices, so it’s nice to see why you like the ones you do.

  2. The first one, and last two are pretty good. The middle two aren’t as great. Interesting entry!

  3. I’m flattered. Thank you. 🙂