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Falling out with programming

So I was doing this Microsoft C# lab, and had a nice form going and was ready to add the code. But, for some reason, there were code blocks that should have been there already, and weren’t. Furthermore, the program wouldn’t run.
Then it dawned on me. I’d spent the past half an hour writing a form in VisualBasic. When asked to create a new project, I hadn’t clicked the treeview item that would allow me to create a C# project instead of a VisualBasic project. Alas, with only 10 minutes to go before the end of the lab session I had no time to go back and start again.
But then, the icons were very non-obvious. And I was one of the lucky ones – most people couldn’t get Visual Studio to start, or had their systems freeze if they tried, with sweary curses abound. All of this in front of several Microsoft employees.
And as for the coursework this morning? Given up. While I vaguely understand the sample code I’ve been given, I, nor any of my colleagyes who I’ve spoken to, have any clue how to do what we’ve been asked. It is a mess-up on the department’s side – some lab sessions that were vital to being able to complete the coursework never went ahead – but when 20% of your module mark rests on successful completion of the assignment it’s not exactly re-assuring.
Looks like me and programming are having a bad day together.

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  1. I can assure you .net does work. Sometimes. The Microsoft stall at Internet World last year was always working every time I walked past.
    Though having said that, one of our software providers tried selling us some software written in .net recently. The most often heard phrase of the meeting was “That’s not working yet”.