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  1. “Bumming around” can mean “to pass time at leisure” in British English as well, in fact.

  2. How about fanny? In American English it means your bum. Your crazy brits. Taking silly words and giving them naughty meanings. Or us silly North Americans taking naughty British words and sanitizing them for public comsumption 🙂

  3. Harry: It may do, but I’ve never heard it used over here in that sense.
    Troy: On the same argument, you North Americans took our word ‘faggot’ and made it offensive. You crazy yanks 🙂 .

  4. Neil, I’m with Harry on this one; ‘bumming around’ is chiefly used to describe the act of being lazy and doing very little, even in British English ( ). The alternative usage is British coarse slang and not used as often. Well, not by people I know.
    I would describe myself as currently ‘bumming around’ — being lazy and doing very little, that is! 🙂