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Missing: 2 days

I seem to have lost Saturday and Monday. Does anyone know what happened to them?
Saturday was pretty much a non-event since I was in bed with a hangover until about 4:30pm (as mentioned previously), and today has gone by very quickly. It feels like 7pm, but it’s closer to 10pm, and I’ve hardly been home all day. And, alas, today may well set a precendent for the week – here’s my diary, of sorts:


Morning: Do impossibly hard coursework on TCP/IP in Java that is due in on Friday.
Afternoon: Go to a lab session to learn about C# and the Microsoft .NET Framework from a dude from Microsoft. Then go to a lecture.
Evening: Go to hustings for the union elections.


Morning: Attempt to fnish coursework, or if I’ve already given up have a lie-in. Go to a lecture.
Afternoon: Go food shopping. Go to health centre and order repeat prescription.
Evening: Go to some kind of feminist comedy night.


Morning: Lectures, meetings and general socialising.
Afternoon: Lectures, labs and go and vote in union elections.
Evening: Turn up to count for elections.
Night: Put together a magazine with the results of said elections. In past years this has usually finished sometime in the wee small hours.


Morning: Have much-needed lie-in. Should plan fail due to excess Red Bull consumption, do washing and last minute coursework alterations should they be necessary. Hand in coursework.
Afternoon: Have a lecture from some guy from O2. Go shopping for all the stuff I forgot on Wednesday. Pick up repeat prescription and go to chemist.
Evening: Go out and try not to get too drunk like last week.


Morning: Stay in bed with inevitable hangover as I fail to not get too drunk.
Afternoon: Chill out.
Evening: Another comedy night.
Looks like I’ll have another one of those weeks when my feet barely touch the ground. But, hey, at least I won’t be bored.
By the way, if you were wondering about my depressed post a week or two back, you’ll be pleased to know I’m fine now 🙂 .


  1. Your lectures sound much more interesting than mine used to be. I’d be tempted to gate-crash your lab session tomorrow if I wasn’t so busy at work.

  2. What was your repeat prescription?