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Lockergnome’s new look

I posted earlier in the week about how Lockergnome was considering a new look, and today they’ve started to implement the new design.
It does look good (if a little boring due to the dominance of a single shade of blue), and certainly makes content easier to find (although the RSS feeds have almost disappeared into obscurity – no link tags even), however, as I feared, the site now has tag-soup code containing a mixture of CSS and tables. It’s a real shame that a technology site like LG felt it had to take this step back, and now I’m worried that some other sites will now not consider switching to more standards-compliant layouts as a result.
The other criticism I have is the difference in rendering between the home page (all content in a column down the left-hand side) and the Windows Fanatics channel page (content stretches the full width of the page). I think it would be better if just one layout was adopted. Of the two, I prefer the latter, but I think having all the content in a centered column would be better since this focuses attention on the centre of the screen where visibility is usually better.
In a way, I wish LG had taken some of the ideas behind this new design (as in how the content is displayed) and then applied it to their older design to get a ‘best of both worlds’ situation, but alas, they didn’t.


  1. i feel for you. i’ve grown to love their last layout design. for a popular site in cyberworld like LG, the new design looks so cheesy. they wanted to go for that corporate white look but it isnt working.

  2. This comes as a bit of a surprise considering that site was just updated. The last design was very heaving in CSS but it could have been simplified without being so drastic. At least that one had a professional feel that new users could take seriously at first glance. You knew exactly what it was by looking at it quickly.
    This new change was definitely a huge step in the wrong direction. I’m surprised enough that I can’t even comment on it. Amazing.
    hmm, It feels like I’m looking at a site from the 90’s.