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Having a Pixar moment

Last night the student cinema showed Monsters Inc, which, depsite it having been out on DVD for quite some time now I’d never actually seen it. So, naturally I took the opportunity to see it on a huge cinema screen with surround sound, especially as it was free. It was a really good film, with a good storyline and excellent animation (especially Sully’s fur, which is highly realistic), and there were some genuinely funny bits to it.
In fact, it was so good, that I’ve just ordered the DVD for Finding Nemo from, who have an imported version of the Collector’s Edition for £14 (although I paid £13.49 with a CDWow voucher) – it’s region 2 and 4 so it’ll play on UK players. Apparently it’s even better than Monsters Inc, so hopefully it’ll be worth it. The university owes me over £100 in wages for various things and I’ve been good with my money this term so I decided to treat myself.


  1. Finding Nemo is fantasmagoric!
    Granted, fantasmagoric probably isn’t a word, but if it was, Finding Nemo would be it! I’m getting my copy in town today, but have already seen it three times – I hope you enjoy it, Neil!

  2. Heh, cool. I saw Monsters Inc. about a week or two after it came out. It was a bit childish of a storyline for me, but WOW on the animation. That movie must have taken a lot of very talented animators to make.

  3. Finding Nemo rocks Neil! I got the DVD for Christmas this year. It has a good amount of extras, most the Pixar movies do, which is a nice touch.