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Polluting the airwaves

Apart from my a-z this morning, I don’t think I’ve mentioned the fact that I’ve been on the radio a few times now. The student union has its own radio station, RamAir, which broadcasts on 1350MW across Bradford, and also on the internet as a RealAudio stream, though this isn’t working at the moment. The show I’ve been doing has been Thursday nights between 6 and 8pm, which is run in conjunction with the magazine, hence my involvement. I’ve not been on every week but I did my third show this week, and I have to say it’s pretty good fun.
I’m not yet a formal member of the station, but I am seriously considering joining. There’s a gap on Friday nights that’s screaming out for a pre-FND warmup show. Watch this space.
In other news, as well as appearing across the airwaves, I’m also in Bradford’s 2005 prospectus. In fact, I have a full page photo on page 82. Look closely, and you may even see my chesthair sticking out of the top of my t-shirt (it’s a v-neck, don’t worry – I don’t have that much). You’ll also notice that at the time I hadn’t shaved for 8 days.
Hang on… did I just post about chesthair? Oh my. Time for bed I think.

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