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Migrating to Firefox just got easier

According to The Burning Edge, a new Import tool just landed on the Firefox trunk, ready for the 0.9 release which should be here at the end of this month or some time in April. It’s one of the big new features of 0.9.
What this means is that if you’re using Mozilla 1.x, Netscape 4.x or Opera, you can easily import your settings, history, bookmarks and passwords into Firefox, so if you’re planning to switch to Firefox you won’t have to start from scratch. I’m assuming it will also support Netscape 6.x/7.x but it doesn’t say this specifically. As far as IE goes it appears that only bookmarks are imported, as has always been the case, but hopefully this will change.
The feature will appear in tomorrow’s nightly builds, but if you’re really desperate, try this unofficial build which has it. You may be best holding out until 0.9 is finally released, however.
It’s definitely a welcome addition – I really hope that it will encourage more people to give Firefix a try.
Update: today’s builds will let you import settings from IE. Great!



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  2. This solves one of my headscratching puzzlers!
    Incidentally your permalink to todays date ( is broken).