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Beware of the Bagle

Hello user of e-mail server,

Your e-mail account has been temporary disabled because of unauthorized access.

For more information see the attached file.

Have a good day,
The team

The attachment is a .pif file containing the Bagle J worm. Don’t, under any circumstances, open the attachment.

Evil. Pure evil.


  1. OT: just to say thanks for your template. It’s running perfectly 😉 – Just a suggestion: maybe it’s better to open the link in a new window… Bye

  2. Evil? I’ll tell you what’s evil. Making the attachment a ZIP file that has been password protected. Server based e-mail virus scanners can’t read the zip file and allow it to go through.
    My wife’s company was getting those, so their NOC people had to change the scanner to not allow any ZIP files to pass through.
    That is evil! 🙂