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A is for awake, which is a state I’m having trouble reaching.
B is for bottle openers. I have two spare ones for some reason.
C is for cable. I have far too much cable on my desk at the moment.
D is for David Dickinson, who is on a flyer that I have blutacked to the wall.
E is for electricity, which without it I would not be posting this.
F is for flat, which is what the battery in my phone was last night. It’s been on charge overnight.
G is for garlic, of which there is a faint smell of in my room.
H is for holepunch, which is positioned upside down in a corner of my desk.
I is for ISAD, my first lecture this morning.
J is for Java code, which I have next to my desk to refer to from yesterday.
K is for Kenji, the name of the lecturer taking my first lecture.
L is for late, which is what I’ll be if I carry on with this.
M is for Minutes of a meeting which are on my desk.
N is for Northern Heightz, whose single “Look at us” I have on my desk.
O is for Ordinary People, a band whose song is playing on my stereo at the moment.
P is for plugs. I have a lot of plugs and not so money plug sockets.
Q is for quite nappy, which is the weather outside.
R is for Ramair, which I’ll be on tonight.
S is for shoes. I own 5 pairs – apparently that’s quite a lot for a bloke.
T is for Thursday, which is today.
U is for unclean – I’m about to have a shower.
V is for Vaseline, which I’ve been using on my knuckles to stop them drying out.
W is for window, which is rather steamed up since it’s so cold outside.
X is for Xtremely long day, which is what this probably will be.
Y is for yellow, the colour of my fleece jacket
Z is for ZZZZZ, which I didn’t get enough of last night.
That required far more thought than I’d anticipated. Idea stolen from LordRich.

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