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Monthly Stats Time! Again!

It’s a new month, so it’s time to tell you how last month went. It was almost certainly the month that brought the biggest amount of traffic, depsite me posting less than 60 entries for the first time since August.

During February, I had 42 917 visits to the site, creating 154 539 page views and a total of 385 411 hits. Total bandwidth usage was over 3GB – 2.82GB of that was non-robot traffic, implying that this site is mostly visited by real users and not crawlers. That’s up from 1.65GB in January. Traffic peaked on the 9th and 10th of February, when I was using over 200MB of bandwidth, but there was also an increase on the 17th – the first was a result of the Firefox screenshots and the second was after being linked by Macsurfer. Traffic was also slightly higher on the 25th after Anil Dash linked to me. Average bandwidth usage was around the 85MB/day mark.
The most popular entry for the second month running was Media Player Classic with 9094 hits – nearly 3 times as many as last month. That was followed by Woah, like serious traffic man (5854 hits), Firefox Screenshots (4818 hits), Habeas being exploited (2327), (2167), Google’s new look (2047), Pinging Service Rundown (1968) and Winamp 2.9 Beta (1927). Of those, 4 are ‘new entries’, having not featured in the top flight last month.
Windows is naturally the most popular OS, gaining 4% at 77.4%. 5% were Mac users and 4% used Linux. FreeBSD and Sun Solaris were the only other notable OSes with 0.2% and 0.1% usage respectively. HP-UX and Irix were the least popular with only 4 visitors a piece.
IE still leads the browser chart with 53%, but that is down by 7% on last month. Mozilla takes 19% but I imagine that will also include Firefox users. Firebird, as in those using Firefox prior to version 0.8, make up 6.5%, and MultiZilla users form 0.2%. Safari has 2.4%, and all versions of Netscape account for 2.4%. 2.1% of visitors used Opera. Usage of Mozilla browsers on this site is usually higher than normal since I do tend to post about Mozilla-related subjects, so sadly these aren’t typical figures.
Google sent 30 602 people this way – up nearly 50% on last time – Yahoo managed 3427, with AOL, MSN and Netscape being the other major search engines providing traffic. 23.2% of visitors came here via a search engine.
8.6% came here from another location, and Kevin Gerich’s Pinstripe Theme post sent the largest number, which was 2773. Firefox-related sites dominate the chart this month, as you’d expect, but the ODP Weblog sent 206 people this way, probably because of my post about Google. 200 or so also came from the MozillaZine forum and just under 200 came via Macsurfer – not as many as last time since the link was posted late in the day but still a considerable number.
10 970 different keyphrases, and a total of 5111 different keywords were used by people to find this site; the most popular search terms remaining the same as last month. Of the more amusing ones, “failed to initialize common updater subsystem”, “nobody expects the spanish inquisition” and “no i will not fix your computer” scored more than 10 hits.

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  1. Woah! Good for you!