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The alternative Friday Five

There was no Friday Five this week, so I’m following Richard’s example and doing an alternative one. And yes, I know it’s Saturday, but I think was already down the pub last night when Richard posted it so I didn’t actually pick it up in my aggregator until this morning. Anyway…

1. How good is your penmanship?

Not too bad. If I try then my writing is usually very legible, though I do have problems with the letters s and z at times. If I’m writing quickly I end up producing some random scrawl that even I have trouble understanding. Personally, I prefer to type things out since I can type quicker than I can write.

2. Have you ever seen a dead body?

I seem to remember seeing the coffin of my late great uncle, whose body would have been in there at the time, but other than that, no, I haven’t seen a dead body. Unless you count passed out students, though technically they’re not dead, just intoxicated.

3. How do you feel about being naked?

Have you ever been to Bradford? Anyone who goes around naked here will die of pneumonia almost instantly. Besides, my generally hairy body is not a particularly attractive sight.

4. The perfect pizza?

While I like plain old margherita, I’m also a big fan of pepperoni and proscuito, the latter containing Parma ham which is divine.

5. Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours?

Someone who was interesting to talk to.

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