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Sooner than planned

After making a few final alterations to the design, I decided to go ahead and implement it. Currently only 3 pages – the main index, archives and advanced search page – have the new look; the others still have the old appearance for the time being. I really like the new design – I’m particularly proud of the menu mouseovers, which I picked up from the Taming Lists article on A List Apart. When it comes to working with lists, that page is my bible.
The great thing about this new design is that it requires barely any changes to the existing markup – literally an extra <div> tag to envelope the page content and new code for the menu, and, err… that’s it. All the other changes are in the stylesheet. This is one reason why I like purely-CSS based designs so much.
Update: The menu now works as it should in IE – I think the problem was something to do with attribute inheritance. I still think the page looks marginally better in Firefox (et al) but the differences are miniscule.


  1. Very nice new look.
    That article on A List Apart is a cracking article, I’ve referred to it myself many a time.

  2. Hmm- shame the menu doesn’t “mouseover” or allow you to click anywhere in “that block” like the menu’s do.
    Yeah – I know that technically on the menu _text_ is the item, but still… 😉

  3. Well, this is hawwwwwwwwwwwt. Nice work. 🙂

  4. Hey, what happened to the groovy banner? I loved the groovy banner. All curvey brackets and all. Is it going to make a come back, or has it gone to a better place?

  5. Very nice new design mate, much cleaner looking 🙂