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Create your own Domo-kun!

Photo of a Domo-kun made out of inkjet paper and cellotape Remember that brown furry monster that features in that image that everyone forwards about kittens and masturbation? Well, how about creating your own?

As you can see, here’s one I made earlier, using a cut-out from Anti-method. If you try it yourself, make sure you use card and glue, not inkjet paper and cellotape. Trust me. Everytime you make a Domo-kun out of inkjet paper and cellotape, God kills a… yeah, you get the idea.

Still, a real Domo-kun would be cool. You don’t get the furriness with inkjet paper.


  1. Blue ‘n orange

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  2. ‘ere, have you been playing around with cardboard and glue? Why haven’t you made something for the gallery yet? ;-0)