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Hanging with the random Canadian bloke

About 18 months ago, during my first week at Bradford, one of the events was a hypnotist from Canada called Tony Lee (doesn’t seem to have a web site, but check Google anyway). The show was really good – my next-door neighbour at the time ended up being one of those hypnotised, which added to the fun. This was a Thursday night, and we had over 200 people turn up.
Anyhow, the union made the wise decision of booking the guy again (since he didn’t do welcome week this time), and tonight he was supposed to be performing. I paid my £4 entry price, and went to take my seat, to find… well… no-one. Other than Tony himself and a those that were doing the sound and light.
As time went on, about 30 people turned up. And that was it. So, the show was cancelled (because the act required 20 people on stage), money was returned and everyone, including Tony, went off to the Biko bar where there was an free acoustic jam that was somewhat more popular. But why?
Firstly, Bradford is a curiousity in that no matter what the union tries, barely anyone will turn up to events on Saturday nights, with the possible exception to the Acoustic Jam and Comedy nights which operated on alternate nights in the Biko bar. This is at least the fourth event that has flopped on Saturdays this year. Then there was the ticket problem. £3 advance tickets were supposed to be available at least a week before the event. They weren’t. Then the posters, which had to be modified last week when Ents realised that the world ‘Hypnotist’ was only in small lettering. Three different start times were given, all an hour apart.
On the plus side, the guy will almost certainly be rebooked, and he’s been here a few times over the years so he knows this is an anomaly, but it will be a very embarassing – and expensive – mistake for the union.

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