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The Friday Five

It’s been a while since I last took part in the Friday Five – lately there have either been no questions or I’ve not felt like answering them. But today’s is alright, so…

When was the last time you…

1. …went to the doctor?

I went to have an annual asthma checkup with a nurse back in December, but the last time I actually saw a doctor was quite some time ago.

2. …went to the dentist?


3. …filled your gas petrol tank?

I don’t drive. But I’m sure my parents fill up with petrol on a regular basis.

4. …got enough sleep?

Sometime in 2002.

5. …backed up your computer?

This one has never been backed up… the last one was backed up over Easter last year. Yes, I know…


  1. if you could rid your life of microsoft would you and what os would you use

  2. Backup is a good thing, especially when im doing a format and reinstall. .. now where did i put that system cd ..

  3. when was the last time…

    My problem is I get too much sleep, part of a vicious cycle of seasonal depression I’m working hard to break out of right now…