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Yahoo search highlights RSS feeds

As you may now know, Yahoo Search now serves up results from its own technology, instead of using Google. Apparently it’s mostly based on Inktomi but also combines bits from Overture, Altavista and Fast, all of which are now owned by Yahoo. It even includes page caching, in a similar way to Google.
But one feature that puts it above Google is that if a search result has an RSS feed attached to it, the feed is also linked, with an option to add it to My Yahoo. Here’s a screenshot to demonstrate:
Screenshot of Yahoo's implementation of RSS in its search results
(The search was for “Neil Turner” – the home page is the second result after my templates page)
It’s undoutedbly a cool feature, and sets a precedent for Google. As we know, Google favours Atom so it’ll be interesting to see whether Atom feeds become highlighted in a similar way. Thanks to LG RSS Portal and The Shifted Librarian for this.
Update: I didn’t realise this at first, but you can actually filter results so that only those sites with RSS feeds are shown, making it a bit like Feedster or Technorati. Very cool. Google certainly doesn’t do that.

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  1. How did you make Yahoo aware that you had an RSS feed? I ping yahoo when I publish and even then I still don’t show up! Am I missing something?